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Our Team Members



Annette is our owner with 45 years of experience. She's done it all! From perms to balayage to extensions and hair piece installations, she's always staying up to date with latest trends and perfecting her craft. Fun fact: She was giving haircuts in the middle school bathroom at only 12 years old! She knew the beauty industry was where she wanted to be since she was a child.


Evelyn is one of our managers.  She has been working in the beauty industry for 25 years.  You might see her at the front desk, assisting stylists or working on a client.  Evelyn is our lash artist and takes great care in the detail of eyelash extension application.  She adores her two children and loves going on outdoor adventures to new places!


Loredana is one of our junior stylists with 5 years of experience in the United States and 3 years of experience in her home country in Romania. She loves working with balayage techniques, fashion colors, and hair transformations. She is very creative. If you have a wedding coming up, she's your go to girl for updos! Fun fact: When she came to the United States, she didn't know a single word of English. In just 5 years, she's taught herself almost the entire English language and speaks it fluently! Her accent is the cutest thing!


Shirllyn is our co-manager with 6 years of experience. She is one of the first friendly faces you see as soon as you walk in! If you need to get in the salon ASAP, she'll find a way to work you in! In the past, she has also assisted busy stylists. Fun fact: she loves live music! 


Anthony is one of our master stylists with 38 years of experience. As a teenager, he started barbering following in his father's footsteps and later branched out to cosmetology. He's exactly who you should see if you have short hair! He's very good about reading the hair and recommending which style suits you the best. He's worked with all different hair types from Caucasian to African American to Hispanic - He's done it all! He loves to see a happy client! Fun fact: He loves playing pranks on his co-workers!  


Rosi is one of our master stylists, raking in 25 years of experience. She loves working with color, highlighting, perms, blowouts, and tailoring haircuts to fit your personal style. She also offers brow tinting and waxing. Fun fact: she is the jokester at EBC and loves to spend time with her grandchildren!


Dawn is our apprentice with over 2 years of experience so far. You'll find her behind the scenes applying color for busy stylists, getting clients washed, applying makeup for all occasions, and is in charge of our social media and marketing team. Her favorite thing to have learned so far is highlighting and working with bleach. Fun fact: She loves dogs!


Michelle is our nail spa technician and body waxer, clocking in 20 years of experience. She loves waxing, performing facials, and giving pedicures. She specializes in all branches of waxing - anything you need waxed, she'll take care of it! Fun fact: she is very friendly, loving, and knows how to make you comfortable in any setting!


Emmanuel has a real passion for massage therapy, health, and wellness with many years of experience. He specializes in swedish, orthopedic, and sports and medical massage. He customizes his massages to your individual needs and has a very caring, professional demeanor. Fun fact: he is a physical therapist's assistant!


Barbara is our spa technician with 30 years of experience. She gives manicures and pedicures and caters to those with natural nails. She's  Her favorite service to provide is pedicures. Fun fact: She likes to dance and exercise and make her clients happy! Barbsie is always willing to lend a hand and is the glue that holds us all together!


Isabelle is one of our master stylists, having 25 years of experience. She loves giving haircuts, experimenting with color, working with highlights, and perfecting her balayage techniques. She customizes color services and haircuts for each of her clients to help make their style easier to manage and have them feel fabulous. She is very talented when it comes to working with natural highlights and she gives a great blowout! She has lived all over the United States, and fun fact: she has been licensed in 6 states!


Tatiana is one of our junior stylists with 16 years of experience - 2 in the United States and 14 in her home country in Romania. She loves cutting hair and working with colors and tailoring color to your liking. She's certified in natural nails as well. She really cares about her clients - not just what she does. She is caring, warm, and easily connects with our clients. Fun fact: She brings the happiness to our salon!


Paula is the newest addition to our EBC family - she is one of our junior stylists with 3 years of experience. She loves experimenting with fashion colors and bleach and is willing to try new things. From haircutting to balayage, she does it all! Fun fact: she loves her two kids and is a dog person!

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